September 10, 2007

Counting down

Well, not really anymore. Only one more sleep: I start the new job tomorrow. Yay!

The last two weeks have been really good, not having to worry about hardly anything anymore. And I can't believe that as of tomorrow I'm yet again in a new office but this time it should more or less be for real.

I'm trying to stop myself from looking at it as the start of a new life. It really isn't. It's possibly an improvement of one part of life. But there's so much going on all of a sudden that it does feel as if I'm starting something completely new and different right now because it's all happening at the same time.

Very strange. But very good. Can't wait for whatever else is around the corner!


Kinpatsu said...

And it's about time you get back to work, and I hope they make you work hard too!
You addict! Too much posts. Really tilde! I mean writing two posts while on holiday?! Isn't it supposed to be about getting away from it all...
How was your first day anyway?
You silly woman. Lovely food though, Koriander. No idea it was beansoup, should've paid more attention, but was just enjoying the whole thing so much, I didn't pay attention to the details...

machiruda said...

How can the food be a 'detail' in a restaurant like that...?!

Yes, yes. I'm addicted. No surprises there. But I can't help that there was a computer literally next to just about every bed we slept in (except at the monastery luckily!). I think I've done quite well with just two posts ;-)