December 19, 2006


New year's resolutions are not my thing. I never really make resolutions at the beginning of the new year, mostly because I usually see no reason to wait until the new year while you can also start making those changes right at that moment.

But the end of the year is somehow a period that I look back at what this year has brought me. Or at least, this end of this year is. Where am I now, what is different now, compared to new year's eve twelve months ago?

I seem to have made a couple of resolutions to 'make changes' throughout the year.

The first was at the beginning of the year, February-ish, where I told my friends that from then on things were going to be different. I think the only thing that became different from then on was that I miraculously got a lot more male attention. Not what I had had in mind, but well, can't say it's a bad thing of course.

Then the second time was in August, where I vowed to make drastic changes and followed up on that in October after all my roaming about (Central) Asia. Well, so far that has resulted in a four-day-workweek, my very own 'crazy lady', oh and a new blog lay-out. Somehow this also wasn't quite what I had in mind.

I do wonder what the new year will bring. Things can only get better, right?

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TessaJ said...

I can't do New Year's Resolutions. it's too much forced pressure. Change takes place gradually over time. At least for me that's how life works!