December 18, 2006

I cannot wait

Only three (well, two-and-a-half) more working days until the end of year break. Bliss.

Besides the obvious of spending Christmas at my parents I'm mostly looking forward to:

- catching up with long lost friends from Japan;
- doing some proper shopping;
- the almost-traditional barbeque on newyear's eve;
- oh, doing nothing!

and before that I've finally found an opportunity to go to one of the Dutch Pechakucha nights. Yay!


Trees said...

Shopping, yay! I am soo too looking forward to that! New Year's BBQ, yay! 3 more days of work, BOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Wonder what ever happened to that band, do you know?

machiruda said...

That band? What band?

But yay to the rest :)