July 27, 2006

Catch-up time!

Remember the lack of pictures from my few weeks in Kazakhstan and Moscow? Well, you're in luck. It looks like there'll be some pictures uploaded in about 2 months or so. Taken by me, with a brand new digital camera.

Now, does anyone have suggestions for the kind of camera I should go for? (uhm, budget style, that is)
And suggestions on how I should travel from Kazakhstan into China? I seem to suffer from instant-travel-daydreaming though, so can't say yet if this'll happen!


Jules said...

I like the Canon point and shoot cameras. Easy to use, easy to download onto a computer. There are a variety of different price points for different cameras in the range. Mine cost about $US400 (from memory, since it was bought in Jan 2004) and is small enough to shove in a pocket or into my handbag (I already have a film SLR camera, so wanted something small as a digital).

daniel leussink said...

go for something that is:

-Has a big display (LCD screen)
-And has over 4million Megapixels. But most cameras go over that nowadays.

then you are ok.

machiruda said...

thanks guys! will definitely start having a look around for a nice camera.