September 11, 2011

10 years - 6 months (1/2)

NYC/ view from the Empire State Building across Lower Manhattan
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Today remembers two major events, and I would almost say that they both have changed the world.

For both I still clearly remember where I was and what I was doing.

11 September 2001 - I was at home, on the phone with a friend talking about a newsletter we were publishing for our studentclub. At one point he told me out of the blue to turn on my tv - which was then showing images of a smoking WTC. In shock, we didn't talk much more about the newsletter. I had seen the movie Swordfish only a few days ago, it could've been that.

I was working part time at the local airport at that time, covering shifts at various restaurants in the area beyond the security checks. Only a few days after 9/11 I was working a shift at a steak restaurants - and serving steaks with plastic cutlery as anything different (which would actually be able to cut a steak) was prohibited at the airport.

I was also due to fly to Japan two weeks after. I remember people being scared about the prospect to get on a plane again.

The picture above is from my visit to NYC in September 2008 - I was there in the week of the 9/11 remembrance, which is why my set shows no picture of Ground Zero. It was inaccessible to tourists all week.

Since then, so many things have happened in the world - partly as a direct consequence of this day. And not usually for the better. I would like to think that such an event has made us think more about the type of society that we would like to be: one that is inclusive of others. However, I do not see that happening, at least at home. Maybe that is also because so many other crises have happened since then which has made people even more introverted and only thinking of themselves.

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