February 14, 2009


We spent the last night in Harbin in a local nightclub. Or rather, a wannabe-nightclub. From the surface it seemed normal: pletny of dressed-up people, fancy interior, expensive drinks and very loud dance music. Except, there was no dancefloor, big bowls of fresh fruit and popcorn were on the tables and - most importantly - there was no space to dance. So strange. Especially because it wasn't actually possible to talk to each other at all and all the people there looked very bored.

In other news:
* skiing in China is the same as everywhere (the same chairlifts, the same pathetic attempts to get down a mountain by me) - except for a very different (and pretty lousy) lunch.
* contrasts are everywhere.

[I've since had explained that the lack of a dance floor has purely commercial reasons: the argument is that when people dance they don't buy enough drinks so the club won't be able to make enough money. To fix that, every space is filled up with standing tables that you pay a fee for to be able to use, and instead of chatting and talking you play games with the dice or look around. No interaction is possible though with any of the other people. Quite weird, but after asking around this seems to be the standard club formula in China.]

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