February 10, 2009


[I guess I really only write things when I'm travelling - I just opened this notebook to see the last entry of New York in September. Hmm.]

I'm on my way to Bijing, 20 minutes away from landen, for a week of work and China. And while staring out at the desolate mountains below, I can only wonder why this isn't a real trip - instead of a suitcase with business clothing I should have a backpack and my hiking boots. Despite my luxurious seating arrangements currently, my appearance right now is actually more of the latter: jeans and a funky new fleece. For a trip of in total 16 hours I think I'd rather be comfortable.


I'm also excited about the destinations of this trip. Although there won't be much time for sightseeing, I hope to still catch glimpses of those areas. Apart from Beijing the other two cities are very new to me. Harbin boasts the annual Ice Festival and the best skiing in China. Both are on the social agenda of the meeting I'm attending. And I just found out that Harbin is the city where the Japanese established Unit 731, a laboratory used during the Second World War. I'll definitely have to make time to fit this in the schedule.

My second destination, Dalian, is called the Hong Kong of the Northeast (according to the LP at least). I'm starting to regret nog having more time but maybe it's also better in summer with beaches and plenty of areas to stroll around.


Did I already say I'm excited?

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