December 22, 2008

5 years

I had lunch yesterday with two friends and in the course of the conversation we came to talk about what is in my future, work-wise. I'm trying to think back how we got there - apart from the regular 'life is so good' talk - but anyway, apparently I am going to be working on a PhD at some point. Or rather, at some point within five years.

Interesting prediction.

It isn't completely unlikely that I will go back to school/university at some point - as I'm pretty sure that in a few years' time I'll want to be doing some kind of studying again. And the idea of starting work on a PhD did cross my mind when I graduated but I wanted to start working in a regular organisation/company first. That doesn't mean I won't ever still go back to this idea.

I can absolutely think of several ideas to write a PhD on. But then again, it sounds like an insane amount of work - and something I can't handle quite yet, nor in the next few years.

Anyway, check back with me in five years!

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