October 13, 2008

Primary school

Strangely, I have an exam tomorrow so I have spent the day at home on study leave to prepare for it. I had kind of forgotten about it, until I registered two weeks ago and the lady on the phone wished me luck studying. Uhm.... oh right.

What I am studying? INCO-terms, export marketing strategies, customs documents, letters of credit and other forms of documentary credit, and so on as long as it has to do with export. It sounds more complicated than it is and I am pretty sure I'll be fine tomorrow.

And with that attitude I started going through my course book and old exams this morning, until I came to the calculation assignments.

"You are sending 1000 flowerpots and 1500 chairs to the US. Your transport costs are E2500. Your agent receives a 15% commission. The exhange rate USD-Euro is 1-0.87. What are your total costs in USD?"


I still don't get why every exam holds three of these questions but it took me a while to get out my math skills from 8th grade and work it out properly.


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