July 05, 2007

A long five days

So, I have a new job interview scheduled. Finally! It's been months. And it actually sounds as if I have all the qualifications which probably is a first....

But... the consequence of all these meetings over the past few months is that I'm already freaking out about it. And mostly about: What To Wear.

I seem to have lost all objectiveness on my own wardrobe (if that were possible to have) and am completely confused about what looks good on me, what an appropriate outfit is to interview in, what colours I should wear to give off the impression that I want etc etc.

Gah!! This is gonna be a loooong five days until the interview. I'm calling in some people to help out I think.


Cookie time said...

yay on the interview! Focuss on that rather than the clothes, you probably could do this job nekkid ;-)

machiruda said...

Haha, yeah, doing the job nekkid is no problem - the interview is totally seperate from that and is what I'm worried about!