September 07, 2006


One thing that has come up a few times when talking to people here is the one-child-policy in China. In my naiveity (sp?) I thought that this was something from the Mao Zedong-era & immediate post-Mao time but to my surprise this is still official policy and it is enforced as such.

However, the horror stories of the second/third/etc child being killed definitely seems to be a thing of the past. Instead, the parents get fined for every additional child. Sometimes pretty hefty amounts, although I get the impression that there isn't really a set regulation for it. As with everything here, the further away from Beijing, the less strict and controlled life is (that's my impression so far at least). Including the height of fines.

Actually, even with this policy China definitely has an abundance of kids! They seem to be everywhere. The future world leaders/consumers?

While waiting for the train, one thing struck me though: what happens when you have twins? Or worse: triplets or quadruplets?


Erik said...

There is an exception for twins etc. Also if you have enough money, you can have a second or third child, you just have to pay a fine

machiruda said...

yeah, i guess. if you have enough money, I'm sure just about everything's allowed. And I'm sure they don't have anything such as 'kinderbijslag' (English, help?) here, huh.

i have been watching it now though, and indeed there are hardly any more-than-one-child-families out on the streets. (although i met one today on top of a Gobi-desert sand dune actually....)

When are you heading to Xi'an btw?

Jules said...

People who have twins/triplets/quads are considered very, very lucky in China, since they get more than one child AND escape the fine associated with one child policy.

One Child Policy came into effect in 1979.

There are exceptions to the rule though. Apparently if both the husband and wife are only children, then they can have more than one child. And if both parents have university Masters degrees, then they can have more than one child. I think that they must have a certain number of years between the two children though.

I found the whole One Child Policy fascinating when I was in China, since it was really interesting to hear my local Chinese friends talking about their thoughts on the topic.

Anonymous said...

That is funny you thought so, one child has nothing to do with Mao. He basically wanted everybody to .... their brains out, he needed "kanonnenvoer".
If you are a belong to minority in china you do can get more as well. Also some country side. If you got a girl you can go try again for a boy.
You were looking for a job? How about start selling ultrasound equipment? No little "thingy", have an abortion. Sex ratio at birth? 117:100 in favor of the boys in China.
I didnt know that with a masters you can get more kids...
Twins are a big thing in a traditional chinese culture.