September 17, 2006

For the foodies

One thing China is famous for is its food of course. And I've had loads of different good and not-so-good things (although the latter remarkably little luckily).

The highlights:
- 3 types of noodles with lamb at the night market in Dunhuang

- experimenting with Xi'an-ese streetfood

- breakfast in Lanzhou: handmade hot'n'spicy noodles

- seafood-stew in Shanghai, followed by espresso and red wine at a waterfront cafe


hidentreasure (Hans) said...

Krijg trek

machiruda said...

:-) ja, 't eten daar is niet slecht. helft van de tijd wist ik alleen niet wat er precies op mijn bord lag...

Jo said...

all sounds so nice! great pix.

bonny said...

I love the roast mutton,soooo lekker!