June 28, 2006

June update

I've been away for a while – too much stuff going on apparently. So, a few bullets on what's happening:

1) the two interviews that I mentioned went badly. It's back to the drawing table to figure out a new strategy to this job hunting thing as the current one is not yielding any results. *sigh*

2) current job is kind of okay though. It almost feels as if my boss(es) is (are) trying to 'buy' loyalty. I get the best tasks, the best trips (comparatively at least, considering my non-seniority at this place), the most flexible work times and the list continues. And I've been put 'in charge' of a new Japan-related project which will keep me occupied while nr. 1 is not succeeding yet.

3) I seem to be wearing some kind of magical perfume lately. Weirdly enough, men are all around.

4) Fun stuff coming up – cookie is taking me to the new exposition at the Van Gogh Museum (yay!), and am hopefully going to either a dance event or a festival on the weekend. It's time for some relaxing. It feels as if the last two weeks have been incredibly crowded and stressful.

Have to say I'm looking forward to July. Finally a proper start to summer?

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Cookie time said...

The opening of the exhibition should be fun, always nice to do adult stuff ;-) Oh and summer is def. back again, a hot and sunny weekend to look forward to! Have fun at Sensation White and see ya next week xx