March 17, 2006

A pre-weekend post

A few links to some things I've been reading recently, there's some interesting stuff out there (okay, it's a bit of a change from the usual posts lately...)

The Oil Drum is finally getting into geopolitics in East Asia on energy security. Hopefully they'll start posting more. Or maybe I should start contributing, if I want to see that happening?

A new blog discussing the opportunities for reconciliation between China and Japan. Incidentally, this also has some post referring to the East China Sea issue that TOD discusses.

New abduction stuff, through Sean Kinsell. I find it amazing that this still continues...

And cake recipes! Thought I'd try to tackle one of those food challenges that I haven't been doing so far...

Well, first I'm off to enjoy the weekend though: drinks, networking, more drinks, cultural stuff with parents, and music. Yay, it'll be a good one.


Cookie time said...

will not be much left of my cake after my parents drop by today ;-)

bonny said...

nice links--especially the "Reconciliation between China and Japan: A Search for Solutions"^^

and...maybe I should also tackle my food challenge by trying to bake something...hehe