March 09, 2006

And another thing

[blogger broke down just as I finished writing the original, so here we go again]

What I was saying, the best part of all these meetings last week and this week is that I feel as if I'm being taken serious again. And it feels good, very good.

At my current work I'm the secretary. A good one, but still just the secretary. No one has a clue about what I've done up to now, and if I tell them I am met with slightly dazed looks: "Then WHY are you here?!" is usually the normal reaction. But unless they know that, the general assumption is that I will stay forever because why wouldn't you. There's also general amazement about the fact that I have chosen not to work my way into a contract yet.

I can't wait to see the look on my colleagues' faces when I tell them - eventually - that I'm switching to a new job. Undoubtedly a job which they had never imagined me doing (okay, my colleagues have surprisingly little imagination but that's another issue).
Can't wait :)

Well, on that note, I should start preparing for my university meeting tomorrow afternoon and try not to get too distracted by my plans for tomorrow evening.


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