December 08, 2005


Wow, this blog is very slow lately huh?

I guess the rainy weather here is affecting my blog-writing-activities! Still don’t have much to say actually.
But, an update of things that have been and that will be:

* am waiting to hear back from a job interview. Finally! Some people who recognized my CV as coming from someone who has something good to offer. And it was even fun to do. Yay. To be honest, I’m not sure yet if I want this position, but I do hope I get through to the next round... *fingers crossed*

* the same evening I raced away all my nervousness at the largest indoor cart track of Europe!. Had never been carting before, and I was now one of only two girls in a group of fifteen extremely competitive male engineers... You’ll not be surprised to hear that I was somewhat bruised the next day but this was SO much fun! Unfortunately it appears to be quite an expensive hobby...

* my mum came down for some Christmas shopping and I made some gorgeous food: steamed seawolf (?) wrapped in fennel and a tomatosauce with honey and garlic. Hmmm. I love my new kitchen.

* tomorrownight I’m hanging out in Amsterdam with some friends to go to a jazz evening organized by another friend. Looks like fun. It's been too long since I was in the city, and too long since hearing some live music anyway.

* and for some culture I’ll be going to The Art of News, an exhibition of a photojournalist, on Saturday. It looks quite cool, very curious what the photo’s will be like.

* for some more live music: Saturday night will most likely be spent in Delft at WolPop.

So, a boring rundown of my activities. No wonder I don’t blog. I don’t do anything…


Dutchcookie said...

don't do a thing, my good my weekend seems boring compaired to yours and i was also at the jazz thingie ;-)

Btw Zeewolf is munkfish!

machiruda said...

Hehe, usually they're not this full though!
I also saw Harry Potter. Finally :)

And munkfish... hmm, that does sound familiar. I hate reading recipes in English, I never understand it well enough without a dictionary!

Jules said...

You know how you wrote "Wow, this blog is very slow lately huh?" at the start of this post?

Well, its now 4 January and you haven't written anything for almost a whole month! That's a whole month of your devoted fans checking back regularly, hopping that you had written something since 8 December. Write something!

machiruda said...

Ah Jules, yes I know!
I've been thinking for weeks that I should write but can't find anything interesting - besides the "yesterday I did this, then I did that and yay was it fun"-type of posts, which might become too boring too soon!

But thanks for checking back, I'll better my ways from now on (either that or stop blogging altogether).

machiruda said...

Oops, am re-reading my own comment.

"yesterday I did this, then I did that and yay was it fun"-type of posts ... that's exactly the kind of post which I just posted, huh? See, I can't do this blogging thing! ;)

pinkbonny said...

Why not? It's your blog, you can do anything if only you want!^^