November 05, 2011

One of those weekends

I love weekends which just seem to fall together perfectly.

After a tiring Friday I was happy to hang out on my couch with cancelled plans for drinks. The rest of the weekend consisted of mostly vague plans also.

In a way anything could happen.

[apologies for the smug post from here on!]

So far, it feels like one of those weekends that make me just really happy with life. I love my house and love that every now and then, while chopping onions in my kitchen, I'm hit with this realisation. I love where I live, and that I can be outside in a crowded pub when a friend unexpectedly calls at 10:30pm to go out for some beers. I keep realising that this city offers so much, but is also a great place to just chill with coffee, good food and a good friend in the sun on November 5 [admittedly, that is exceptional in this country!].

One of those weekends where I keep changing plans, filled with friends, good food, good beer & wine (and chocolate cake!). But also feeling at home, in my house with a book on my couch and an interesting recipe cooking away on the stove.

So really, this all makes the current work situation seem pretty unimportant, as long as the really good (and simple) things in life are there on weekends like this.

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