October 24, 2011

Identity = work?

Over the last few months I've been struck by how automatically your personal identity translates into "What do you do for a job?".

I know that I am partly guilty of this as well and that I often run the risk of finding my work more important than a lot of other things. But it's clearly not just me.

Why is the first thing people ask "What do you do?". In my drama class, people would introduce themselves by talking in lots of detail about their job.

Is this just something that certain groups of people do? That this starts once you start earning a certain amount of money?

I surely hope that the toilet lady at McDonald's doesn't feel the same way. She takes pride in her work - that was clear to see AND good to see. But that is something completely different than personal identification.

Well, food for amateur (or pro?) pshychologists I guess.

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