July 28, 2011

Practically Perfect

Tonight I read this article: how do you find your passion? And keep it alive?

Apart from some of the other things in there, I'm taking on his last challenge: to blog. Because, why am I not writing here anymore? More than 6 years of at least monthly writing has changed to ..... silence.

So, I am going to use this place as a type of online memobook - writing about things I see happening; things that I want to know more about; things that make me think; things that inspire and challenge.

I don't know what you will get to read (if anyone is still reading). I don't know what the result will be (if any).

That's not the point. I think I need to start putting down ideas and get them out of my head.

To be continued.


iggy said...

You're back! I thought we were a dying breed :) iggy

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