June 22, 2009

Kodo - Irodori

I'm trying to write up a speech for tomorrow night (yes yes, I know) and while searching for information I found this clip of a Kodo song. I absolutely LOVE it.

They're apparently playing in Antwerp (Brussels?) in the summer and tickets are really expensive but this is starting to tempt me....

Okay, time for a re-play.


Felix said...

though this might not be the appropriate place to ask, sorry for that(!), but I found your thesis mentioned in the reference section of RJ Samuels "Securing JP" and now I wonder, if there is a possibility to get a copy of your thesis cause I am searching for abduction issue-related literature for my thesis.
Thank you!
(Besides, I like the song, too!)

machiruda said...

Hi there, I was meant to come back to your earlier comment sooner. Sorry about that.

Can you email me at machiruda_at_gmail_dot_com with this request? Thanks!

Felix said...

Hi, I sent you an e-mail. Bye.