May 01, 2009


Usually, when I travel by myself, I start writing up the various things that happen, impressions from different places and people. So this notebook has become a fixed part of my must-pack items.

Somehow this trip doesn't do that. I've started off two, three stories - but I have no inspiration to write any further than the first paragraph. Is this country not inspiring enough?

The landscapes I travel through are beautiful, the towns I'm staying in are pretty and pittoresque - but other than that? I'm not so sure...

It's one of the first times that I feel limited by travelling by myself. And that I feel a sense of adventure is lacking.

That might sound contradictory - to many people, travelling alone is a big enough adventure as it is. And maybe that's true but the things I do so far seem pretty common (I've been paying more attention to it after the responses over the last few months). But there's plenty of stuff that I just don't have the guts to do. Like, hiking up a mountain by myself. After I'd psyched myself up for it (after all, it was only a trail of two hours), stocking up on food and water, and digging out my raincoat from the bottom of my backpack - I chickened out at the bottom of the mountain. I'm just not comfortable enough hiking in unknown territory.

The vague disappointment disappeared though, when I was almost at the top of Postovaru (reached by cablecar) and saw that there was still quite a bit of snowand ice around. I definitely couldn't have handled that - I guess it pays to listen to my gut!

I'm still debating a next adventure. I would really love to go to the Danube Delta. It sounds stunning. It's a unique part of the world, where the Danube reaches the sea and wetlands have emerged with their special flora and fauna. It's also difficult to reach, or actually - it takes time. And I'm afraid to get stuck.

I doubt it will really come to that, but still - you don't know. However, the alternative would be mountains and small towns. I've seen the latter (Oradea, Sighisoara, Brasov) and have discovered that I won't tackle snowy big mountains by myself. On top of that the hostels are deserted so I'm not counting on meeting potential hiking partners anymore.

What to do? Resort to something semi-familiar, or head into something completely unknown?

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your favorite cookie said...

seems like you are really enjoying yourself, despite maybe the lack of adventure. Can't wait to see your pics!