March 27, 2009

Travel styles

The more I discuss this spring's holiday plans with people, the more I get the feeling that I have a pretty strange travel style compared to a lot of other people.

The current trip is probably a good example of this.
It all started with having earned up enough frequent flyer miles to qualify for a Europe-flight. So I thought I'd spend that this spring on a trip to somewhere not too obvious (like London or so where you can fly cheaply anyway) but somewhere where I wouldn't immediately think of going myself.

I settled on Romania - inspired by the 2007-trip to Bulgaria which made me interested to see more of the Balkans.

Then a friend announced he'd be working in Bucharest for a few months this spring, so I figured I try to fit in my plans with his.

Then another friend asked if I wanted to go to Budapest for a weekend to see friends of hers. Sure, sounds great.

So it would make sense to combine it. But now it turns out my Bucharest friend might not be there. But then I thought I'd be able to take some more days and add on Odessa as well as it looks close by on the map.

Fast forward to this week and I now have a one-way ticket to Budapest, travelguides to Budapest and Romania and a contact in Odessa. But I have no clue at all how I'm supposed to travel around those places, and where to go, and how much time it will all take.

As it turns out it takes 37 hours (!!) to get from Bucharest to Odessa.... Nice thought, but maybe a bit too much travel time to make it worth it (although it would give me 15 hours in between to explore Chisinau, capital of Moldova).

I guess I will be spending much of my time on a long train tomorrow actually reading my travel guides.... And deciding when I'm flying home from where!

It seems to be difficult to explain why I like the above though - but in a way it seems like the only option to me.

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fenneke said...

well why not? it's certainly adventurous, you never know what'll happen and where you'll go, and if you like that as a change from the predicable every day life, why not :-) (not my style of travelling though, i need to have at least the main things planned)