February 25, 2008

A revelation

During the time I was jobhunting I got my hands on a lot of tips and suggestions on how to do good interviews. Good bodylanguage, ask questions, be confident, etc etc.

Not until this week did I realize how much of a difference it really makes. Over the past 1,5 weeks I've been doing interviews for a vacancy at our department with my manager. Very fun, but very weird to suddenly be on the other side.

And although I've always taken in the advice I've gotten and tried to keep it in mind and act on it as much as possible during interviews, it wasn't until I could see these tips and tricks from the other side that I could really understand the difference.

# Sitting crossarmed in a corner not moving is not the way to show you really are motivated for the job.
# No one asked questions at the end - I thought that was compulsory? I couldn't believe it.
# Only one person really came across as very confident, well prepared, knowing what he wants and so on. He's definitely through to the next round.

Interesting (and fun!) to do though... and I have lots more inspiration for the workshop I'm hosting in April.

February 19, 2008


Okay, this is helping a lot to make me more excited about a week in the snow. Wheeee!

Now this is actually starting to look like fun.

February 18, 2008

New discoveries

It's a Monday night and I'm slowly trying to catch up after an action packed weekend. This has been such a good one, really full but luckily only with good stuff, lots of different people, gorgeous weather - what more do I want?

On top of that, I spoiled myself with a fabulous new cookbook!

Not just on Russian food, but also on food from Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and... Azerbaidjan.

I'm SO excited. Can't wait to try it out. But, in case that doesn't happen (fairly likely actually), at least it will look good on my shelf of other cookbooks with food from various places of the world. Yay!

February 11, 2008


de lucht is van glas vandaag
de lucht is een fles
en erin dobbert een geest
gemaakt van bevroren zonlicht

van dichter wtr.

February 08, 2008

Weekend fun

This weekend is again one of those which is filled with lots of fun and interesting stuff. I'm trying to be quite the intellectual though with, instead of parties and concerts, lots of lectures and debates.

My afternoon plans for tomorrow will be a new experience.
My university celebrates its establishment on February 8 (433 years today) and tomorrow I will be attending some of the events organized for alumni. It should be fairly interesting and I'm quite curious what it will be like. At least it's an interesting programme with a lecture on 'The mythes on the influence of Europe' and later on a workshop on 'Presenting with conviction'. Fits right in with some other stuff I've been doing.

More alumnistuff that evening when I have to put some people back on track. Not really looking forward to that though.

But! Sunday is looking great:
* 60 years of Magnum Photos at SMCS
* sushi, or something similar. yummm.
* Putin, Gorbatsjov and anything Russian in between at the Rode Hoed

February 02, 2008


No, it's not snowing here - although it's forecast to next week.

In four weeks time, though, I'm supposed to be in the middle of a lot of snow.... Eek. By some kind of weird accident I'm due to go skiing (or snowboarding, I still haven't made up my mind) for the first time ever in France next month.

Any tips and tricks to not end up like the picture?

(picture from http://www.weaselette.com/comics.html)