February 08, 2008

Weekend fun

This weekend is again one of those which is filled with lots of fun and interesting stuff. I'm trying to be quite the intellectual though with, instead of parties and concerts, lots of lectures and debates.

My afternoon plans for tomorrow will be a new experience.
My university celebrates its establishment on February 8 (433 years today) and tomorrow I will be attending some of the events organized for alumni. It should be fairly interesting and I'm quite curious what it will be like. At least it's an interesting programme with a lecture on 'The mythes on the influence of Europe' and later on a workshop on 'Presenting with conviction'. Fits right in with some other stuff I've been doing.

More alumnistuff that evening when I have to put some people back on track. Not really looking forward to that though.

But! Sunday is looking great:
* 60 years of Magnum Photos at SMCS
* sushi, or something similar. yummm.
* Putin, Gorbatsjov and anything Russian in between at the Rode Hoed

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