November 20, 2006

Princess Day 1 -> 2 *

Unfortunately my Princess Days can't be spent with empty to do lists and with magazines on couches like MsCookie. I've set some tasks for myself on my weekly day off - as usual I'm probably aiming too high.


P-day #1 was spent calling a bunch of agencies and emailing some people. That has now partly resulted in what will hopefully turn out to be a productive P-day #2 at the end of the week, with a coffee meeting with Mr. Airplane plus another appointment with hopefully another one in between. So, if you have any do's and dont's for (in particular) meeting nr. 1, please put them in the comments!

For the Amsterdam-readers, any ideas on some entertainment for me in between appointments (as in, around lunch, and late afternoon until dinner time)?

But first I'm off to sleep. Something must be seriously wrong with me to get me into bed this early. *yawn*

Also, I'm annoyed that I still don't know what I want to vote on Wednesday. *sigh*

* The title refers to Princess Days as coined by dutchcookie. No relation at all to any Disney-type princesses. It only refers to my (easily-gained, and as it turns out unnecessary) four-day-workweek.


Erik said...

Good luck with jobhunting!

Cookie time said...

lunch at Harkema is always one of my favorites ( or at Esprit Cafe. Good luck and don't forget to enjoy some of your P-days!

machiruda said...

Cheers, Erik! :-)

Cookie, hmm, lunch at Harkema sounds good. Did I mention I have no money? :-(

And I'll start enjoying my P-days once I have a job - until then I'll have no money to actually spend on that day. Cutting back working days also meant a cutback in salary. Ouch.

fenneke said...

lunch at Esprit Cafe is cool, did it only once though (money...) A good alternative is a cute little oldfashioned lunchroom (forgot the name, sorry...) in the Hartenstraat.
whenever I have time to spare in Amsterdam I visit Waterstone's (Kalverstraat), and FOAM often has good exhibitions.