September 06, 2009

September = chaos

The chaos is starting... one more week until settlement on my... on Twitpic

A new month, September. It's hard to believe that time is going by so quickly.

Summer's over (and very clearly also) - but it barely feels like I have had a summer: I haven't seen the beach, I have had 2 barbeque's at most and I've spend most of my time at the office. I guess I've done something wrong this season.

This month is the start of many new things though. I'm very excited, not too stressed, and can't wait until everything has fallen into place. But, it will be chaos from now on.

What is happening:
* started a semi-new job on Sept 1. I say 'semi-new' because it's the result of a reorganisation at my work, which means my actual work has been split in three. Luckily, I've been moved to the part which keeps the most challenging and interesting tasks and adds various others as well which will hopefully make it a lot of fun. I'm also broadening the (geographical) scope of my work, which basically means I'll be covering a huge area of Asia.

* I am moving into my new house!! Hm, maybe that should have come first because it's the single most exciting thing in the last few years. I'm not actually moving this month, but settlement/completion on the house is next week and I'll be taking some time first to renovate and redecorate before moving all my stuff in. But because after this week I will hardly be in my current home I've started packing up already. See above picture: the physical reflection of a chaotic month.

* In between those two things, I'm heading off on another work trip in two weeks' time. Again: very exciting as it is to a place I've never been to: India! Unfortunately it's a quick visit which will give me only two days in Delhi, and three in Mumbai so am not expecting to see anything other than hotels, meeting rooms and taxis but still. It all feels a bit surreal because I'm so busy with other things both at home and at work that I can't quite get my head around the fact that this time in two weeks I'll be on a plane. Eek.