July 19, 2009

All grown up

I really have been neglecting this blog, but I'll pop in to share some big news:

I'm buying an apartment. Woohoo!

Still can't quite believe it, somehow it has felt as if I'd never really get around to it - but somehow it has suddenly happened within a week or so.

I've been going crazy at Floorplanner trying to see what interior will make the most sense, but I've wisely retreated to the stack of information and paper on mortgages etc to try and chose the best one for me. Once I get that sorted, I can really start thinking about the fun stuff.

So much to do though, so little time. Should be doing the official handover in less than two months!

If anyone has any fabulous interior design tips, websites, ideas, etc I'd love to hear them. I have plenty of ideas, but no real things settled yet.... pictures will follow at some point too I guess.

Oh, did I mention it's pretty much in Chinatown? I'm going to be overdosed on China for the rest of the year I think....

Wheeee! Excited!