September 26, 2005

Fingers crossed...

Haven't been around for a while, but the last two weeks or so have been very busy.

Had a bunch of foreign friends visiting last week which was a lot of fun. Exhausting, but great to see them again.

A big day yesterday for one of my best friend's bachelorette party. After initial start-up problems (the workshop-tutor didn't show up!) it was a very very fun day. My whole body aches from the capoeira though... OUCH!

And, maybe most importantly in the long run, I have been quite busy writing some very very important job applications. Two amazing jobs, I've finally sent out the letters&cvs. If I get one of these I'll be a very very happy bunny.

[edit@9/10: heard back from the first amazing job and I'm not even selected for an interview... As expected they're looking for someone with actual work experience. Having lunch later this week with someone to discuss my chances for amazing job nr. 2.]

I'm moving house in the next week, after which I will move permanently at the end of next month but after that I'll be blogging more regularly again (unless my laptop has really really died on me, and all signals point that way....)

September 14, 2005

Five Streets

A cool new blog!

Can someone do Hobart please? Am having a nostalgia moment after seeing a picture of Mt. Wellington ;)